Nolee-O Web Design Stay up to date with Keena Staffing news. PAID FAMILY LEAVE New York's Paid Family Leave Benefit Law ("PFL") willtake effect on January 1, 2018. Private employers with at least one employeewill be required to provide PFL coverage to its eligible employees. Thiscoverage provides partial wage replacement to employees for time off to helpthem bond with a child, care for a close relative with a serious healthcondition, or help relieve family pressures when someone is called to activemilitary service. Employees areguaranteed the ability to return to their job and continue their healthinsurance. The premium for PFL will be fully funded by employee contributions. These deductions will begin on July 1st,2017. The New York Department of Financial Services has determined that thepremium rate for employee contribution will be 0.126% of an employee's weeklywage up to and not to exceed $1.65.If you wish to learn more about thisrequired benefit please visit If you have any questions, please contact usat 793-9825.