Nolee-O Web Design Stay up to date with Keena Staffing news. Workers’ Compensation Audits – How You Can Save Please be aware that you are responsible for injury claims brought by employees of uninsured subcontractors. Insurance carriers must charge premiums for this. Obtaining an original certificate of workers’ compensation insurance from your subcontractor should be done before work begins. BEWARE that although a business, such as a sole proprietor, may not be required to have a workers’ compensation policy themselves, any work done for you will be included under your policy at audit.If you use an out-of-state subcontractor to work in New York, the certificate must state that the subcontractor has full statutory coverage in New York. It is important to have these certificates available for review at the time of the audit. This will avoid unnecessary charges for subcontracting on your policy. For this reason, it benefits you to be sure to provide copies of all certificates to us at the time of audit.If you have any questions, please let us know.